I-25/Cimarron Street Interchange Design-Build

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness teamed with Kraemer North America to reconstruct the $116.1M interchange, including reconstruction of both the I-25 mainline and US24. The design-build process allowed our team to modify the interchange configuration to meet or exceed project operational goals and enhance the overall project. Our team added a unique quadrant intersection at the adjacent 8th Street intersection which was a game changer for operational improvements to compliment the interchange reconstruction and which will fix weekend traffic congestion issues. The reconstruction includes a new SPUI, six new highway bridges, new trail and pedestrian bridges over both Fountain and Monument Creeks; stream channel restoration with the addition of fish habitat; trail enhancement landscaping; a bicycle roundabout at the convergence of the two creeks. The reconstruction project also includes significant utility relocations and upgrades.

  • Prime design engineer for the second largest highway construction project in the Pikes Peak region.
  • Innovative operational improvements with the introduction of a quadrant intersection at US 24 and 8th Street which separates the heavy left turns from heavy through traffic, functionally resulting in a continuous flow intersection.