US34A (Bypass) Permanent Flood Repair

East of Greeley, Colorado

During the flooding of South Platte River that followed the September 2013 rains, a 500 foot segment of US34A (Bypass) was breached when flood waters exceeded the banks of the main channel and spread across floodplain. Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness initially provided emergency response services and worked with CDOT to reopen the highway on a temporary shoo-fly alignment, 15 days after the initial breach.

TSH continued to work with Region 4 as the prime consultant for the $22 million permanent flood repair project. TSH designed the permanent repair including one mile of new roadway to current design standards, scour hole repair, the new secondary channel bridge structure, a new spill box culvert, signage, lighting and completed the CLOMR submittal to FEMA.

In addition, TSH assisted with right-of-way preparation, environmental clearances and communication with the adjacent impacted property owners.

  • Emergency Contracting for construction with multiple Release for Construction Packages
  • Accelerated design schedule
  • One mile of new concrete pavement construction