C470 Tolled Express Lanes

Douglas County, Colorado

CDOT Region 1 contracted Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness to provide Procurement and Construction Management services for this estimated $215 million design-build project. The project will widen this section of freeway to add tolled express lanes on 12 miles of C470 from I-25 to Wadsworth Boulevard. In addition to the tolling elements, the highway will be improved to implement the first phase of improvements resulting from the recent environmental assessment. TSH was integrated into the blended owner representation team and has assisted with all aspects of the procurement including: RFP review and revisions, ATC and Technical Approach reviews, Pre-Accepted Element (PAE) reviews, contractor one-on-one meetings, and RFC’s review. TSH’s focus through the procurement is on the delivery portion of the project as TSH is providing the Project Engineer, the Assistant Contract Administrator, and other CM staffing for the project after award. When the project is complete, TSH will have been a part of delivering all aspects of the project; advertisement, design, and construction.

  • Blended Owner team
  • Design-Build owner representation
  • Road-X integration into a design-build project