I-25/Cimarron Street Interchange Design-Build

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness teamed with Kraemer North America to construct the new Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) $116.1M Design-Build project, including reconstruction of both the I-25 mainline and US 24. As a part of design-build Additional Requested Elements (AREs), TSH evaluated weekday and weekend traffic operations and developed a concept for a “quadrant” intersection at US 24 and 8th Street. This relatively simple addition to the project will result in an almost 40% increase to weekend traffic capacity at the intersection, complementing the capacity increase resulting from the new SPUI at I-25. The quadrant concept will likely eliminate the weekend queue of several miles of traffic returning from the mountains to the Front Range.

  • Innovative operational improvements with the introduction of a quadrant intersection at US 24 and 8th Street.
  • Added value Improvements along US 24 and I-25 including double-right turn lanes to eliminate weaving conflicts between the I-25 interchange and the adjacent 8th Street intersection.
  • Added value pedestrian and bicycle improvements including ADA upgrades for existing signals and curb ramps, additional sidewalk connectivity to the new creek paths, and bicycle roundabout at the primary path intersection.