North Meadows Extension

Castle Rock, Colorado

Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness was the prime consultant for the North Meadows Extension project, which featured extensive traffic engineering challenges. TSH reviewed the roadway design concepts for the difficult US 85 interchange or intersection, including the previously visualized roundabout interchange. It was determined that the previously designed roundabout interchange had design issues that would result in increased bridge and roadway quantities. TSH provided several alternative interchange designs utilizing roundabouts which reduced the bridge and roadway quantities and meet modern roundabout design standards, deciding on a two-lane roundabout. In addition, funding constraints required TSH to develop construction phasing and packaging to build an interim two-lane roadway.

  • Work included the design of a two-lane interim roadway due to funding constraints
  • Reduced bridge and roadway quantities while meeting modern roundabout standards over previously recommended design