North Meadows Extension

Castle Rock, Colorado

Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness was the prime consultant for the North Meadows Extension project, which featured extensive drainage challenges. A storm sewer runs the entire length of the project and captures the water quality and minor storm events while bringing the street into compliance with town and CDOT criteria for the 100-year storm. The storm sewer carries the runoff from the street and tributary areas to detention and water quality ponds along the alignment including retrofitting two existing ponds. The outlets from the detention and water quality ponds include two new outfalls to East Plum Creek, one outfall to a stabilized Tributary B which includes new drop structures, an outfall to an unnamed ditch and an existing outfall with a revised outlet structure. The design scope also included roadway, highway, and bridge design, construction phasing, traffic control and utilities.

  • Provided detention and water quality facility design
  • Delivered bridge hydraulic analysis and scour estimation
  • Provided channel stabilization and drop structure design