Pearl Parkway Multiway Boulevard and Multi-use Path
(North Side, 30th St. to Foothills Parkway)

Boulder, Colorado

Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness served as the prime consultant for this $7 million multi-modal transportation improvement project in Boulder, Colorado. The multi-way boulevard and multi-use path enhance access to the planned redevelopment projects currently on-going in the Boulder Junction area.

To accommodate the new multi-use path alignment, TSH designed improvements to the Boulder Slough drainage way to convey the 100-year flow, including:

  • A new overflow chute from the irrigation canal (Boulder and Left Hand Ditch and North Boulder Farmers Ditch) to the Boulder Slough.
  • Improvement to the cross section and flow capacity of the Boulder Slough to convey planned future 100-year flow.
  • The addition of environmental features that include an 8 foot tree lawn along the north side of the parkway, grading for a low-flow channel and riparian plantings on the banks of a new low-flow channel.
  • Reconfiguration of existing storm sewer to reconnect to the Boulder Slough.