SH 67 Design-Build

Fremont County, Colorado

This emergency detour project was the result of a bridge that washed out on SH 67 south of Florence in 2012. Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness designed a two-lane detour in three days that allowed Lawrence Construction Company to construct a detour bridge and roadway approaches to restore mobility on SH 67. TSH provided roadway design and traffic control plans, and worked closely with Lawrence on bridge and drainage design. To meet the aggressive design and construction schedule, TSH quickly completed the design work in three days, working evenings and weekends to allow the contractor to begin construction immediately and complete the work in 11 days. CDOT followed up with a modified design-build contract to replace the bridge, restore the roadway, and address drainage in the draw. The Lawrence Construction Company/TSH team was awarded the contract and TSH completed full design of this work.

  • Stabilized 2,200 feet of actively eroding arroyo channel and the washout of SH 67 bridge
  • Cost-effective use of USBR Type-9 baffled apron drop structure and single span bridge – saving CDOT 24%
  • Comprehensive analysis of pre- and post-channel scour conditions using HEC-RAS sediment transport routines